Monday, April 11, 2016


The Bfg

Sofie was laying in her bed at night it was  midnight and she thought that no one was awake but she was wrong. Then a figure moved quickly by her window then before you could say hi a hand came through the window and snached her out of bed.  Then Sofie could feel that he or it whatever it was she did not know was running very very fast.  Then it came to a stop and set her on something hard. Then Sfie said who are you then it gets really intresting.  It tells her that it is the Bfg that stands for the big friendly giant then he tells her why he is the Bfg.  He had her peek out of the cave there were mean looking giants they were about three times the size of the Bfg who was at least 20 feet tall!  Then the Bfg pulled her back in and told her that the giants out there ate people but mostly little girls and boys.  Then she asked him what he ate and he opened a cupboard then he pulled out something that looked a little like a cuecumber behold said the Bfg the revolting snozzcumber.  After that he let Sofie try it she spit it out almost emtiatly that is revolting she said.  The Bfg then took her out of the cave though in his black cloak she could see through a little hole and there were tons of giants sleeping.  Then he told her something interesting he asked her how old she was she told him that she was 8 and he told her that she was only 4 then he explaned that people sleep a lot so she was only four.  Next she asked him why he was in her town and he told her that he colected dreams and  blew them into childrens bedroom windows.  Then Sofie had an idea Bfg she said we could give the Queen of my town a dream about the mean giants and you the friendly giant and me then we could have some hellicopters come and pick them up then they could drop them in a big hole.  They did just that the Queen sent the hellicopters they got them then they put them in a hole and they had to eat snozzcumbers for the rest of their lives.          

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